Genetic Algorithms


Desktop Genetic Algorithms  v.PreAlpha

Desktop Genetic Algorithms is a software for analyzing and calculating genetic algorithms. Mainly include the codes of genetic algorithm, interative genetic algorithm, that are written in Java Applcations also included such as function optimization,

Genetic Algorithms Framework  v.0.7.0

This is a cross-platform framework for using Genetic Algorithms for solutions.


Jenes - Genetic Algorithms for Java  v.755

An optimized java library for genetic algorithms.

JAGA - Java API for Genetic Algorithms  v.1.0.b.13.04.04

Java API for implementing any kind of Genetic Algorithm and Genetic Programming applications quickly and easily.

Galileo: a Distributed Genetic Algorithm  v.1.0

Galileo is a library for developing custom distributed genetic algorithms developed in Python.

Python Neural Genetic Algorithm Hybrids  v.0.3.0

This project provides a set of Python tools for creating various kinds of neural networks, which can also be powered by genetic algorithms using grammatical evolution.


TrendMedium is a trading system for stocks. The system is based on revolutionary genetic algorithms to create open ephemeral models that describes the current stock movements and performances. Out Of Sample helps to find the best performing models and

BehaviorSearch  v.0.7

BehaviorSearch is a software tool to help with automating the exploration of agent-based models (ABMs), by using genetic algorithms and other heuristic techniques to search the parameter-space.

GATree.exe  v.2

GAtree is a decision tree builder that uses genetic algorithms.The idea behind it is rather simple but powerful.

JOpt.SDK - resource and transportation planning l  v.1.0.1

JOpt.SDK is a geographic route scheduling and optimization Java library for automatic resource and transportation planning. It uses specialized genetic algorithms to calculate an optimized allocation of orders and stops to mobile resources.

JPortfolio  v.1.0

Optimize your algorithms with this tool. JPortfolio is an optimization software based on multi-objective genetic algorithms.

Symptom Checker  v.

Powerful Medical symptom checker in your Windows Phone This app uses genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic to determine the diseases that propably matches with the your symtomps. Use this app to discover the most common causes of the most common

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